Strollers: A Parent’s Guide on Traveling with Double Strollers

Why Double Strollers?

If you are traveling with two young children, especially a baby and toddler, bringing a double stroller is necessary. A double stroller lets parents transport two kids conveniently and comfortably, especially when traveling.

  • Double strollers are convenient. Even if one parent is alone with the kids, a double stroller allows that parent easily manage things. Strapped in one stroller, parents find it easier to keep track of both kids while shopping, taking a walk, or running errands.
  • Double strollers are a safer option than two single strollers. Double strollers ensure that both your kids are within sight at tall times. And they have safety buckles and wheel locks to secure your children. The adjustable roofs also protect your kids from harsh weather conditions.
  • There is more space for storage in a double stroller, making it a great option when traveling or shopping.
  • Double strollers are durable, and it has longevity. A child can ride on it until they are four or five years old, depending on the stroller.
  • If you are on a budget, purchasing a double stroller is less expensive than two single strollers.
  • Since double strollers are collapsible and foldable, they are great for bringing along during family getaways.

How to Choose Double Strollers

When choosing a double stroller for your family, consider several factors. The factors to consider are your budget, lifestyle, purpose, and the child’s age. For twins, getting a double stroller is an obvious choice, but they are also convenient when toting around a toddler and a baby simultaneously.

What to Look for When Choosing Double Strollers

Three types of double strollers are available: tandem, side-by-side, and convertible. Depending on your needs, you can identify the best type for your family.

Travel Tips for Parents with Double Strollers

If you are ready to travel with two kids in double strollers, here are tips to help you on your flight and when you land:

  1. Book Kidmoto. It is stressful enough to have a lot on your hands — literally! Bringing double strollers is necessary, but fortunately, you can ditch the car seats. Do not worry, though, even without car seats at hand. By booking a Kidmoto car service with car seats, you have a safe ride to bring you from the airport to your destination. Plus, you get to skip the long lines at the airport taxi stand, plus reserving a ride is so easy through the Kidmoto App.
  2. Know your airline’s restrictions. Since different airlines have different rules, best to call your airline to ask ahead if you can bring in your double strollers. More often than not, double strollers can be gate-checked.
  3. Use a stroller bag to protect your double strollers. Since most strollers are gate-checked, best to place them inside a stroller bag to protect it and keep it clean for when your child uses it. Also, you will want to make sure that you got your stroller tagged.
  4. Bring a lightweight double stroller that easily folds with only one hand. Remember that you will be managing two little children and your carry-on. Choosing the right double stroller is essential to making your life easier when flying.



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